The History

RAM ELETTRONICA SRL was originally a  sole trader company, established in 1974, under the name of SCARCELLI Vincenzo, operating and specializing in the power plant engineering sector from the very start.
This was the beginning of a success story that developed over the next thirty years, progressing from the simple industrial systems and service providing, till it became well established at both national and international level  in the industrial power plant engineering field.

During the last 20 years, and in addition to the above specialized activity, it also focused its efforts on the process control and supervision for industrial automation, producing its very own software, thanks to its total in-depth knowledge of different specific production processes.   
A long-lasting experience and specialization in automatic systems and plants for mills, pasta factories, feed mills, biscuit producers, plastic materials processing, pharmaceutical industry, including original solutions for the control and drive of ensilage systems and other different applications, such as safety systems (smoke detectors, spark arresters, etc.), CCTV systems, supervision systems, automation in general and systems for street lighting.  

RAM ELETTRONICA SRL is a leader in its field; its power systems and industrial automation installations can be found in many different countries around the world.

Thanks to the availability of our staff, we can offer support to our clients through all the different stages of their project:
- design
- construction
- power supply installation
- electrical switchboards
- commissioning

All without having to engage different contractors or subcontractors, which usually leads to misunderstandings or delays in the implementation of the works.